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Hello! We are CBieriSolutions

Do you ever ask yourself why? Why can't I figure this out? Why does my computer hate me? Why doesn't my website look as cool as everyone else’s? Why isn't my website bringing in more business? Why is it always so complicated? Why isn't there someone out there who can help me?

Well, we can help. How can we be so sure? Because we 'speak' computer and we've been helping people 'speak' to their computers for more than 20 years. It's what we do. You tell us what you need your computer or website to do for you, and we 'speak' to your computer about it. Sound crazy? While it is certainly a simplification, it's still just what it sounds like. We get your computer or your website to do what you need it to do. Better control, better flow, better results.

Our team of programmers, designers, and quality assurance directors has the solutions you need. Solutions to get things accomplished. Solutions to make things work. Solutions to keep all the plates turning together. Tell us what you need from your website and we will find a solution to see that you get it. A website that draws customers in, keeps them engaged, and gets you results.

Contact us today - we will be happy to discuss your projects with you!

Our Specialties

Design & Development

Help you create the look you want for the web presence you are looking for

Internet marketing

We can use ad-words or key-words to get you found!

Branding & identity

We will help you get a cohesive look and feel to all your materials.

WordPress Development

WordPress can be easy - when you have someone to help guide you through it!

Social marketing

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter - they can be daunting to manage and maintain. We can help!

Web Development

From basic sites, to CMS, to full on web applications, we are here to help your projects come to fruition!

What our user say about us



I had the good fortune of hiring Christine to co-create my webpage with me. Not only did she nail the results asked of her, it was done from Skype and phone!!! Her work is professional efficient and fast! Overall a 10/10 for me.

Anouk Simard


Christine was very good at identifying the requirement. Her listening, flexibility and creativity have helped to offer the public a site of great accuracy with a very personal color and which I am very proud. She did what I expected. In fact, the comments I receive are eloquent. Thank you Christine

Michel Monette


I have seen Christine handle technical crisis with professionalism and quick wit. She has a way to speak with clients that keeps them reassured in many pressure situations. She handles all of our web contracts as I trust her and her ability to properly represent my company and put its interests first.

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